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  • imgUI Wide Screen
    The User Interface has been enhanced to (responsively) use the entire screen width available.
    Selling Channel
    This new feature provides the ability to configure the selling channel (IE NX, Hostconnect, WebConnect) that a product is available through via a number of parameters such as agent, branch, department and booking analysis codes.

    No more needing to use price codes to manage this function.

    Product Level
    pickup points
    The ability to define pickup and drop off points per product! (rather than just at supplier level as per current versions).
    Supplier Payment/
    The integration of VCC (Virtual Credit Card) payments into the booking and payment processes of Tourplan will help streamline Accounts Payable functions.
    Suppliers can confirm services and accept payment via VCC* using a Tourplan supplier confirmation webpage.
    *Currently this is only integrated with WEX VCC payment provider
    Batch Agent
    Enhancements to the Bulk Agent Invoice process enable the linking of invoices to a Batch Number. The batch summary and invoice details can be sent agents via Tourplan’s messaging function. When agents send a single payment for the batch covering multiple invoices, the receipt in Tourplan can be quickly and easily applied to all invoices by Batch Number.
    to Book
    Significant enhancements allow confirmation of a previously quoted external service. This introduces a new ‘Confirm Quote’ button for converting a quote to a booking that checks rates and availability for both internal and external product.
    Tourplan NX v2 introduces a raft of new multi-language functionality within Tourplan NX, hostConnect and webConnect.
    Features include:

    • Full suite of screen labels available in Chinese, Spanish, French and German
    • Product names and extras can be defined in multiple languages.
    • Notes now have a language code attached so the same note category can have multiple language versions.
    • All UTF-8 characters are supported (EG Japanese, Chinese characters).
    New hostConnect
    web server
    For the techies out there – hostConnect no longer requires Apache/Tomcat. hostConnect runs entirely within the Microsoft IIS environment on Tourplan NX V2.