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  • Tourplan’s flagship B2B distribution website, webConnect, has had a major styling update plus additional functionality including advanced search filtering and agent specific welcome messages. Key new features include:

    1. New styling

    • Responsive (screen + tablet), modern style
    • Includes 5 different pre-set banner/header templates
    • New home page sliders.

    2. Login

    • Forgot password page, with email functionality
    • Different post-login content per agent

    3. Online bookings changes

    • Search from and to date for accommodation services
    • Search by pax numbers for non-accommodation services
    • New advanced search filters on the left, allowing filtering of search results by:
      1. Amenities (Supplier and Product)
      2. Class
      3. Locality
      4. Database Analysis Codes
    • Search results shows number of products found at top
    • Revamped addService page with user-friendly friendly pax entry details
    • New “Modify Search” links on the addService page to allow for easy re-searching if wrong date/rooms selected.

    4. Availability Search Changes

    • Clicking the product/date on the Availability Search page will take you to search results, and will automatically show the results for the product and date selected. This allows agents to see and check the price and description before booking.