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Improving efficiency and increasing sales


Give your business new life?



Improving efficiency and increasing sales



For tour operators and DMCs



Tourplan is designed to simplify the things that matter to you – sourcing and packaging product efficiently, providing fast & accurate quotations, protecting margins, increasing sales, providing web and XML distribution channels, and delivering financial and strategic intelligence. It is a tour operator software technology platform designed for Tour Operators and Destination Management companies from small right through large enterprise organisations.

Tourplan is available in four editions; Standard, Distribution, Connectivity, and Enterprise. A key feature of Tourplan’s Edition structure is the ability to adapt over time. Enhancements and new components become available within each edition as a natural part of the product innovation cycle. We avoid frustrating “Add-on” and “Extra” costs as new products emerge. You enjoy a seamless transition to future products and technologies without licensing and cost barriers.

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A key to Tourplan’s flexibility is in the product database which can handle almost any travel service or package. Product types supported include multi-currency buy and sell rates, complex contractual conditions including specials and value-add deals such as stay/pay and minimum night specials. Inventory and unlimited text and graphical content can be managed at supplier and product levels.

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Four more reasons Tourplan Standard Edition will transform your business …

Whether your customers are overseas wholesalers, travel agents or the end traveller, Tourplan provides integrated customer management facilities including profiling, meeting notes, popup diary, customer sales & profit analysis and export for customer marketing mailshots.

The faster your staff can respond to a request for a quotation the more likely you are to receive a confirmed booking. Tourplan provides tour operators with the most comprehensive set of tools available for rapid FIT & group quoting and booking.
“Once you have used Tourplan for quoting you will never go back to spreadsheets and manual methods”

Avoid operational problems and oversights by using Tourplan’s range of operational control tools. A wide selection of on screen & printed reports are provided to help staff isolate potential problems before they arise and therefore increase the performance and efficiency of your company. Regular reports of arrivals, departures and service requirements are available on demand and the diary prompts each staff member with timely reminders and required follow-ups.

Tourplan’s fully integrated accounting and operational systems mean you need only key data once therefore saving time, avoiding duplication, and eliminating expensive errors and omissions.
“We recouped our entire investment in Tourplan within 6 months through the use of Tourplan’s unique voucher/supplier invoice matching system.”
Tourplan also provides complete control over your business on a daily, weekly and monthly basis via on demand analysis of sales, purchases and profitability on a file-by-file, agent, supplier, consultant, department, market and company wide basis.
This information enables you to make timely strategic marketing decisions, assists in the negotiation of rates with your suppliers and most importantly allows you to monitor cashflow and expected profitability well in advance of travel date. Tourplan includes a range of standard management reports plus user defined reporting to suit your specific requirements.


distribution edition

Distribution Edition incorporates all of the Standard Edition modules, plus a toolkit designed to help your B2B customers (agents and wholesalers) benefit even more from the existing relationship they have with you.

Additional features include:

  • Secure Agent Website
  • Online Bookings
  • Online Tariff
  • Online Accounts
  • Availability-Led Search
  • Media Library
  • Brochure Style Product Information

A widely used and de-facto standard XML interface for product search and online bookings rounds off a complete solution to all your distribution requirements.


Connectivity Edition incorporates Standard Edition plus tools for supplier side connectivity and efficiency. These include a range of adapters enabling your Tourplan systems’ connectivity to remote systems for dynamic rates and availability.

A supplier extranet is also included supporting the supplier-driven:

  • Rates & Inventory updating, ideal for specials and last minute stock
  • Suppliers’ forward bookings review
  • On request booking list and online confirmation
Our current adapters are...

1 ) Out of the box global connectivity options
Hotel Channel Managers

  • Siteminder
  • Travelclick (formerly EzYield)
  • Rate Tiger (eRevMax)

Hotels and Consolidators

  • Hilton
  • Pegasus
  • Maintrack


  • GTA

Rental Cars

  • Avis
  • Budget
  • Hertz

Flights (via automated PNR download)

  • Amadeus
  • Galileo
  • Sabre & Abacus

2) Tourplan Systems

  • Any two or more Tourplan systems can be connected

3) Regional Connectivity

  • A wide range of specific hotels and regional systems are available
  • Connectivity adapters to new systems are regularly developed as bespoke projects


Enterprise Edition is the premium edition incorporating all of Standard, Distribution and Connectivity edition features;

  • All the core system modules for managing product, operations, customers and finance
  • Online distribution tools allowing your agents, wholesaler and retail customers to search product and process bookings and quotes
  • Tools for connecting to suppliers for live rates and booking confirmation, and for suppliers to connect to you to update specials and provide forward booking information.

Enterprise Edition represents the complete suite of Tourplan technologies available under any edition at any time. A total solution.


Tourplan can be licensed to incorporate the entire feature range and functionality available, or a subset that is most relevant to you. For the specific edition and level of accounting functions support you require, a per concurrent user fee applies to license Tourplan for use in your business. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Find out how Tourplan can help you improve your business.