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    Tourplan is both our company name and also the name of our technology solutions. The Tourplan company is a group of five offices around the world. The suite of services provided by our offices delivers our technology globally as a complete and integrated solution for our clients. Our Tourplan travel management software applications span the entire spectrum of Tour Operator business functions, from traditional supplier contracting, quoting, reservations and operations, through to real-time purchasing and online sales. The software is designed to simplify the things that matter to you: Sourcing and managing product efficiently; Providing fast and accurate quotes; Protecting margins; Increasing your sales; Providing web and XML distribution; and Delivering financial and strategic intelligence.
    Over 400 Tour Operators in 70 countries trust Tourplan to run their businesses. Tourplan is designed specifically for Tour Operators (Inbound, Outbound, Domestic) and Destination Management Companies (DMCs), and can handle groups, FITs, packages, ad-hoc itineraries, sporting tours & events, special interest tours, series tours & scheduled coach tours, all in one integrated operational and accounting system. Tourplan solutions are: Scalable, with power and performance built to service the largest Tour Operator; and Modest, practical solutions for small- and medium-size Tour Operators.
    Please visit our contact page and we will respond directly to your enquiry with detailed information, pricing and the opportunity for an online demonstration.
    Yes – we are happy to provide online demonstrations at no charge. An introductory demonstration and discussion typically takes around one hour. If you would like to book a demo, please click here
    Tourplan is unique in providing our clients with access to local experts available across every time zone and continent in the world. A core company philosophy is that local industry knowledge and personal contact are essential ingredients for a successful implementation and an enduring long-term relationship. We have offices in the UK, Malaysia, South Africa, Costa Rica, and New Zealand. These strategically located offices provide sales, training, and support services to clients in 70 countries around the world.
    Yes, Tourplan is supplied with a comprehensive implementation project, including training for your staff and management. Implementation is customised to your own specific online booking software requirements, with training carried out predominantly online, and on-site as required. More details of Tourplan’s implementation and training services can be found here.
    Yes, we are constantly developing Tourplan to meet the changing requirements of our clients worldwide. New versions of Tourplan are released regularly and made available to our clients.
    Tourplan is priced by editions (each edition has different levels of functionality) and the number of concurrent users required, so is therefore affordable by Tour Operators of all sizes. Prices start from US $1000 per month for a Tourplan Cloud Platform (SaaS) subscription.
    If opting for the Tourplan Cloud solution, no additional hardware is required – all you need is a PC, laptop, or tablet and an internet connection. If you would like to implement Tourplan ‘On Premises’ – a Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft SQL database are the fundamental requirements. We will provide you with detailed architecture recommendations based on your company size and specific requirements.
    Tourplan is supplied in a range of Editions designed to suit all Tour Operators’ requirements. More information on Tourplan products can be found here. You may start with any Edition and upgrade as required for simply the difference in price. Our consultants are happy to discuss and advise the most suitable edition for you, from initial system implementation through to live system use.
    Yes, definitely. Tourplan offers a complete Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, the ‘Tourplan Cloud’ platform,’ for new and existing clients. With the ‘Tourplan Cloud’ platform, all you need to run your Tourplan system is a PC, laptop or tablet and an internet connection. We take care of the servers, performance monitoring, data backups, disaster recovery, the integration of the various Tourplan platform components, and additional third-party software (including installation and licensing).

    What are the benefits of the Tourplan Cloud Platform?

    Focus Outsourcing your Tourplan IT requirements can be a time-consuming and costly exercise, which detracts from your core business. We have undertaken extensive research on your behalf to establish the optimum infrastructure for your travel management software system. We understand your context and needs as a business in the travel and tourism industry. We manage all the technical and architecture aspects, leaving you to focus on what you do best. Simplicity By choosing the ‘Tourplan Cloud’ you can be sure of a more seamless experience, from front-end support for the way you do business though to back-end functionality and peace of mind. Affordability With a ‘Tourplan Cloud’ system you pay a set, regular amount with no surprise expenses. Economies of scale work to your advantage because we’ve done the negotiating on behalf of all our clients, in one hit. No upfront investment is required for hardware, and you only pay for the resources required to run your particular system. When you decide to scale up, the infrastructure is ready to accommodate you with no delay, downtime or degraded performance levels. Control Whether you run a ‘Tourplan Cloud’ system or Tourplan ‘On-Premise (in-house), we partner with you to integrate Tourplan into your day-to-day business. For us there is no better satisfaction than seeing you in control and succeeding – whichever option you follow. However rest assured that choosing ‘Tourplan Cloud’ for you doesn’t mean you lose your autonomy: you still make the call over version upgrades, modifications and customisations, just as you would with an On-Premise system.

    How long will it take to set up?

    Depending on the nature and size of your online booking project, your system can be operational in a relatively short space of time. Tourplan implementation projects starting from scratch will need to take into account the usual roll-out requirements prior to ‘going live’ (for example, database setup and system training). Your local Tourplan office will work with you to establish timeframes for your project.

    What if I want to host with Tourplan but administer my own platform?

    Server level administration requires specialist IT skills, for example server configuration (including security and access aspects), software setup, and performance monitoring. For our ‘Tourplan Cloud’ platform we restrict access to these functions and do them on your behalf. At any time you are welcome to transfer your site or software to your own or another hosted environment and take over the administration. We do not offer hosting-related support for self-administered sites.

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