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  • The complete tour operator software solution

    From the moment we start our journey together, we’re with you every step of the way. 

    Our extensive range of services all revolve around helping you increase your profits and achieve your company goals through the use of the Tourplan system. These premium-quality services are provided by experienced consultants with local industry knowledge, across every time zone and continent through our global network of 5 offices.


    Our great depth of expertise, and close interaction with our Tour Operator and DMC clients either face-to-face or online, depending on your needs allows us to tune our onboarding process to meet the specific needs of your business and team.  

    Onboarding consists of:
    • Implementation project planning
    • Management seminars
    • Multiple training phases
    • Transition to the ongoing phase
    • Live cutover

    To ensure results every time, all Tourplan implementations follow a structured onboarding process, led and tuned by our senior trainers. Put yourself in our hands and we’ll guide you through one of the more complex periods in your business history. 

    Tourplan Onboarding Project Management
    Tourplan University

    Tourplan University

    You’ll find everything you need on your journey to success right here. Tourplan University is the platform through which users learn how to use Tourplan and all its features for optimal results. You can choose from a broad syllabus of topics, courses and sessions, all designed around the roles and experience of individuals in a Tourplan business context, and graded into entry, advanced, and administrator levels. 

    To ensure no one gets left behind, the job roles have learning streams suitable for everyone, from first-time Tourplan users through to experienced senior team members. Whether you are new to Tourplan, or need a refresher to upskill or get acquainted with new features, you can do it all here:

    Ongoing Support

    Tourplan is always by your side. We’ve been on the journey to be the best. Now we can safely guide you.

    Our support and maintenance services ensure help is always there when you need it, and include:

    • Access to “myTourplan“, an award winning user portal that provides access to the Tourplan University, a full suite of user manuals, and our online support system for logging, viewing and updating enquiries
    • Regional help desks for personalised local support
    • Remote access to diagnose issues and implement solutions
    • Software maintenance services and system upgrades
    Tourplan Support Services
    Tourplan hosting and security

    Technical Services

    Our range of technical and customisation services allows you to further expand your business, increase sales, and improve operational efficiencies and profitability. Services include

    Hardware and networking consultancy 

    • For existing on-premise platforms (in-house and custom cloud platforms), we can provide the necessary hardware and network consultancy to ensure smooth integration and operation.

    Custom development 

    We adapt and integrate non-core components of the system to facilitate:

    • Integrations to third-party systems
    • Online distribution solutions
    • Supplier and channel manager connectivity implementation

    Continuous Evolution

    We keep evolving to ensure your business keeps moving forward. Tourplan is continuously being enhanced to take advantage of the latest technology advances in software, hardware and communications for the practical benefit of our clients. Included within your ongoing Tourplan subscription is the Software Maintenance and Enhancement programme, which provides:


    We invest in an ongoing redevelopment to ensure Tourplan is built with well supported and current componentry, and that any software faults are rapidly corrected.

    Enhancement and development 

    New software features and enhancements are made available as part of our ongoing product evolution programmes

    Tourplan development services

    Find out how Tourplan can help
    you improve your business.