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  • Tourplan is delighted to announce the launch of Tourplan University, a premier platform designed to offer comprehensive training for Tourplan users. This initiative comes as 2023 continues to witness a remarkable resurgence in tourism, and Tourplan reaffirms its commitment to meeting the industry’s evolving needs and trends.

    Peter Trumic, CEO of Tourplan, commented, “We are thrilled with the resounding success of 2023 and remain dedicated to enhancing our services to ensure the success of our valued customers. At Tourplan, we strive to stay ahead of changes, developments, and customer needs, and Tourplan University is testament to that commitment.”

    Tourplan University provides users with the tools and knowledge necessary to embark on their journey to success. Offering unparalleled flexibility, the platform allows businesses and teams to choose the training options that best suit their unique requirements. Through the newly launched booking platform, users can easily schedule training sessions to gain expertise in effectively utilising Tourplan and maximising its features for optimal results.

    The syllabus at Tourplan University encompasses a broad range of topics, courses, and sessions tailored to individuals in different roles and experience levels within a Tourplan business context. Whether users are entry-level, advanced users, or administrators, there are specialised courses available to cater to their specific needs. The training offered is of the highest quality, ensuring relevance, engagement, and a focus on helping users achieve success with Tourplan.

    Trumic added, “We believe in empowering our customers to learn at their own pace, and Tourplan University embodies this philosophy. We invite everyone to join us on this exciting journey and take control of their learning experience. By elevating their Tourplan skills, they can unlock the full potential of this powerful tool and excel in their Tourplan operations.”

    For more information about Tourplan University, please visit: