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  • Tourplan NX Version 2 is the next evolution of our flagship Tourplan software. As always, we continue to evolve and innovate, with invaluable input from our esteemed Tour Operator and DMC clients worldwide, delivering cutting-edge software that empowers your business.

    Tourplan V2

    Tourplan NX Version 2 is packed with exciting new features designed to enhance your user experience and streamline your operations:
    imgUI Wide Screen
    The user interface has been enhanced to utilise the entire screen width, providing a more immersive and efficient working environment.
    Selling Channel
    Take full control of your selling channels (NX, hostConnect, webConnect) by configuring the availability of products through various parameters such as agent, branch, department, and booking analysis codes. Say goodbye to only using price codes for managing this function.
    Product Level
    Pickup Points
    Define pickup and drop-off points for each individual product, giving you greater flexibility when defining scheduled tour/service departure and arrival details.
    Supplier Confirmation
    Streamline your operations with on-line supplier confirmations. Suppliers can now confirm your booking requests via a web portal, automatically updating the service line status and supplier confirmation number (if provided) in your Tourplan booking.
    Supplier Payment
    Automate supplier payments via the integration of VCC (Virtual Credit Card) payments into the booking and payment processes. Please note that this feature is currently integrated with the WEX VCC payment provider.
    Enhanced Multi-Language Features
    • Full suite of user interface labels available in Chinese, Spanish, French and German
    • Ability to enter non-ASCII characters (such as Japanese and Chinese characters)
    • Language specific notes per single note category
    • Additional supplier and agent fields for local language names and addresses
    • Translation facilities for a selected number of supplier and product fields to allow them to appear in different languages on messaging, and within hostConnect and webConnect
    iconNew Fields for Product Descriptions More room is now available for product descriptive content, via additional text fields for product descriptions, comments, extras and voucher text.
    Batch Agent
    Enhancements to the Bulk Agent Invoice process allow for seamless linking of invoices to a Batch Number. You can now send batch summaries and invoice details to agents through Tourplan’s messaging function. Applying a single payment for the batch covering multiple invoices is now quick and effortless with the receipt applied to all invoices by Batch Number.
    to Book
    Experience significant enhancements that enable you to confirm a previously quoted external service. The new ‘Confirm Quote’ button instantly checks rates and availability for both internal and external products in the itinerary, making the conversion from quote to booking fast and seamless.
    iconSupplier Connectivity
    • Daily rate and availability information for Channel Manager products (EG Siteminder, TravelClick) is now viewable via ‘More Info’ pages in NX FITs and webConnect
    • Cancellation fee services can be generated when cancelling external services, using the cancellation fee provided by the external system if provided
    New hostConnect
    web server
    For the tech enthusiasts, we are excited to inform you that hostConnect no longer requires Apache/Tomcat. It now runs entirely within the Microsoft IIS environment on Tourplan NX V2, providing a more streamlined and seamless integration experience.