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  • Our next generation Tourplan software is now fully launched with both new client implementations and existing client migrations well underway. Feedback so far has been excellent, with ease of use, cloud based and performance the most widely acclaimed attributes.

    Thinking of migrating to Tourplan NX?

    We’ve made it as easy and painless as possible!

    • Designed to work with your existing Tourplan iS data – all your suppliers, products, rates, agents, quotes, bookings and accounting data are instantly accessible via Tourplan NX with no data re-entry needed
    • Minimal re-training required – Your staff will quickly learn how to carry out their day-to-day tasks in Tourplan NX with minimal re-training
    • New messaging engine – Agent and supplier messaging has been significantly enhanced. Your message templates will need to be migrated over to Tourplan NX – we’ll assist you with this as part of your Tourplan NX migration package
    • New architecture – Tourplan NX is designed for the cloud. Tourplan provides a complete cloud hosting service for your Tourplan NX system, however it can also be implemented via your own in-house or externally hosted servers


    Let your local Tourplan office know you are interested in migrating to NX. We will provide you with an information pack including details of the new Tourplan NX subscription agreement plus an outline of the migration project.