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  • Tourplan Roadshow 2014 – Copies of the Roadshow Presentation

    Information Page

    Tourplan has received an unprecedented level of requests for “a copy of the Roadshow”.

    We regret we are unable to deliver a list of powerpoint slides to achieve this. Why?

    • While all 10 Roadshow presentations were similar, each was tuned to the audience on the day, with the result that there is no single version.
    • The Roadshow was conducted as an event, rather than a presentation. Depending on the audience interest levels and responses various points were emphasised, or at the other extreme skipped altogether if irrelevant to the group.
    • The bullet points in themselves were deliberately pared back to have little meaning without the verbal explanation – again – that explanation dependant on the target audience and level of audience engagement on the day.

    This was an immensely powerful event and we can’t trivialise the synergy and engagement achieved each day. The slides on their own would be a diluted and generic expression of the content, with room for mis-interpretation.

    For example, the impact of Online Travel Agents on traditional business is in many regions a fait accompli, while in others represents a future threat. This leads to different business strategies appropriate to each case. In turn this leads to different elements of Tourplan’s technology having been showcased during the Roadshow.

    We are thrilled that so many are looking for a recap of the general themes, so we offer the following information to assist as much as we can.

    We also welcome any specific questions on any content of your Roadshows. These should be directed to your Local office manager in the first instance.

    The Key Roadshow Points

    • Our vision – 5 business strategy steps
      1. Go Online with Trade Business
      2. Connect to Channel Managers to offer OTA-equivalent rates and availability
      3. Continue to offer traditional Destination Specialist benefits and rates
      4. Consider emerging B2C opportunities
      5. Look at existing OTA market share as an opportunity to expand your business
    • New browser based touch enabled, multi-device UI under way
    • 3 Major channel managers online in 2014 – SiteMinder, TravelClick, RateTiger
    • License free retail sites with integrated booking engine
    • New release V3.1 includes multi-company accounting and new admin utilities