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  • Vision, Technology, Universal Acclaim, the 2014 Tourplan Roadshow Visits 5 Continents.

    Senior Tourplan team members recently completed the 10th and final Tourplan Roadshow for 2014 in Lima. As in all 9 previous Roadshows the venue was full to capacity, with 95% of Peruvian Tourplan companies represented alongside guests from as far away as Bolivia, Colombia and Uruguay.

    In keeping with prior events an intense level of interest and excitement occurred during and after the morning presentations. Across the board attendees enthusiastically endorsed Tourplan vision for future and current technology opportunities provided by the latest release Tourplan V3.1.

    CEO Peter Trumic comments the concept of a global Roadshow delivered across 5 continents has come to fruition.

    “We are ecstatic about the level of participation and engagement with our clients, and with their support for our current suite of technology, our strategies and forward direction. Other system suppliers expend huge resources in pursuit of sales and in attempting to satisfy sales driven promises. At Tourplan we prefer to focus first on adding value to existing client relationships. This creates new sales for us through industry talk leading to an understanding of what works and what doesn’t, who you can trust and who you can. It is always good to have competitors but I believe our customer-led philosophy is why we are the market leader by several degrees of magnitude.”


    A range of typical comments received post-presentations

    • “That was amazing, I learnt so much”
    • “Game changing in the course of this morning we have reshaped our entire future business strategy”
    • “I didn’t realise Tourplan had such a huge range of technology”
    • “I didn’t realise Tourplan has so many users here”
    • “We feel really happy knowing we are on the right track in using Tourplan as our core system”
    • “You should do this more often!”

    In celebrating the success of the 2014 Roadshow, Tourplan expresses gratitude to all those involved: attendees (with especial acknowledgement of those who travelled long distances and internationally), local offices, our staff, and clients who assisted with logistics.