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  • Version 1.6.1
    QR Code Generation Unique QR code generation and output is now available when messaging from Tourplan NX. Further display enhancements of the QR pixels and colour of the QR code can also be defined.
    Quoting for External Services There is now the ability to create quotes for dynamic rates when using an external supplier connection. This enables you to include a service in your FIT itinerary using an external rate, without a corresponding booking being made in the external.
    Product Change Audit/History Functionality has been added providing the ability to record and check product change history. You can view product detail which has been amended, when it was amended and by whom.
    Supplier Payment/
    The User Interface has been enhanced to (responsively) use the entire screen width available. The integration of VCC (Virtual Credit Card) payments into the booking and payment processes of Tourplan will help streamline Accounts Payable functions. Suppliers can confirm services and accept payment via VCC* using a Tourplan supplier confirmation webpage

    * Currently this is only integrated with WEX VCC payment provider.

    Accounting Transaction Change Audit/History New functionality to record and view the change history of financial transactions is also available in this NX 1.6 release.
    Version 1.6.2
    Queue Message Report Access to all queue message data is now available when downloading a queue message report to a CSV file.
    AR and AP Future Cash Enhancements have been made to control where AR future cash debit/credit and AP future cash debit/credit should fallback to.
    Package Messaging Substitution Codes Messaging Substitution Codes have been expanded to include the Service Line Package PCM Name.
    Version 1.6.3
    Messaging Substitution Codes Messaging now includes the ability to generate credit note invoiced and received amounts from within a booking.
    Service Navigation within a booking When using Next/Previous navigation of services within a booking, this enhancement allows faster retrieval of service information.
    Supplier Invoice Import The Supplier Invoice Import function will now allow multiple currencies per invoice. This feature allows lines in different invoices to be different currencies.
    Downloading Reports to CSV When downloading reports to CSV files Tourplan will now instruct Excel to open the file with UTF-8 encoding. This will be particularly helpful to those who use languages with accents and other diacritical marks.
    Version 1.6.4
    Apartment product cancellation fees Apartment style accommodation cancellation fees now apply to the room pricing instead of the per person pricing.
    Consolidating Messages You can now send a consolidated message to a ‘Master’ supplier.
    Note text A full range of Chinese, Japanese and Korean ideographs are now supported in note text. (Including Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji).
    PCM messaging enhancements now include the tab substitution code for Optional Services. When this is used in conjunction with the ‘ratebuy’ and ‘ratesell’ substitution codes – the pricing generated within the message will display using tab functionality across the page.
    Package Consolidation
    on Invoices
    Service based invoice generation will now allow a ‘Book On’ package to consolidate within an invoice.
    Version 1.6.5
    Message Generation for Packages Service summary messaging substitution codes have been enhanced. The system can now total the services in a sell currency for the package when the services are in different currencies.
    Password Protected when Over Invoicing Password Protected when Over Invoicing
    System Warning Message Enhancements New warning messages have been created within Tourplan NX as follows:

    • If a booking travel date is changed, a system warning message will now display to identify when a transaction is attached to a booking
    • If passenger configurations are changed within a booking, a warning message will generate to identify services which have resources assigned.
    Version 1.6.6
    The Security user interface has been enhanced to allow user based functionality to be turned on when user groups are not in use.
    Messaging New messaging features allow:

    • Messaging templates to apply bullet points and numbered lists from a note attached to a booking.
    • Date math equations for messaging pick up and drop off times.
    The landing page ‘Recently Worked On’ and ‘Travelling Soon’ sections now include a column selection available for the ‘Last Worked By’ column.
    Cancellation fees Cancellation fee functionality has been enhanced to allow cancellation overrides to occur.
    Version 1.6.7
    Plain Text
    Unicode characters (from the Basic Multi-lingual Plane) can now be used within Plain Text Note entries.
    Email Messaging ‘from’ value Messages can be sent from a user’s email address instead of from a system default ‘on behalf of’ email address.
    HostConnect packages and optional services Confirmed Optional Services within a package are now included when passing a booking request through HostConnect.
    Version 1.6.8
    Rooming List Import Rooming list functionality now accepts the passenger Date of Birth information field to be empty when importing data from a CSV file.
    Reporting Enhancements Additional data is available when downloading the following reports to a CSV file:

    • The Product Analysis Report now displays the Consultant Name and Consultant Code
    • The Tour Summary Report now displays the Agent Name
    Apply Rounding in Bookings Apply rounding functionality within the Mark-up Commission screen now allows Retail/Agent rounding to occur for all services (including non-accommodation and optional accommodation services).
    Version 1.6.9
    External Product Search External Supplier Connectivity product search now provides ‘More Information’ pages specific to the room configuration requested.
    Bulk agent messaging enhancements include:

    • When updating the booking status the system will now account for the service liability status – if the INI Setting VALIDATE_LIABILITY_STATUS is set to Y.
    • Bulk Supplier messaging will now also order services by Pick-up Time when selecting to order services by Pick-up Date.
    • Bulk invoicing now displays Value, Tax and Total Value amounts in the Summary screen.
    AR invoice values for per person/per room figures when generating a group summary line invoice will now reflect figures from the Booking Details > Pax Totals screen.